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Indian Institute of Manamement & Commerce
Code of Conduct

All the students are expected to abide by the rules of the college and maintain strict discipline and order in all matters of curricular and extracurricular activities.
  1. The college solicits simplicity and modesty in their behavior and dress in order to foster a congenial academic atmosphere. IIMC being a Co-Educational college, mini skirts, tight jeans, sleeveless dresses are not permitted in the college (for girls). Tis being a sensitive issue, we expect the students and parents to understand.
  2. Students once admitted are required to put in not less than 75% of attendance in lectures (and Practicals wherever applicable). The Vice-Chancellor on the specific recommendation of the Principal/Vice-Principal, may condone the shortage in attendance to the extent of 10% on Medical Grounds subject to the production of a Medical Certificate and on payment of the prescribed condo nation fee. Any candidate having less than the required attendance even after submitting Medical Certificate will not be permitted to appear for University Examination. Every Month the statement of attendance will be put on the notice board and students should take note of their attendance. A Student who is irregular to the class is liable to forfeit his claim towards (a) Scholarship (b) Concessions for Railway & Bus Passes (c) Eligibility to represent the college/university in sports/games.
  3. All students are answerable to the Principal, Staff and other college authorities for their conduct and behaviour. Insubordination of any kind and use of unbecoming language or conduct are sufficient reasons for dismissal.
  4. Students are required to be regular and punctual to classes.
  5. Attendance and active participation in all activities organized by the college is compulsory.
  6. All fees must be paid by the notified due date, to avoid payment by fine.
  7. All the students are requested to read everyday, notices displayed on the notice boards.
  8. RAGGING in any form is strictly prohibited Vide O.U.Letter No. 380/SWD/23/97, dated 13-7-1997. Anyone indulging in ragging will be expelled from college.
  9. Leisure hours should be utilized for study in the library. They should not congregate in corridors and disturb ongoing classes.
  10. Students are expected to help maintain general cleanliness in the college. They are strictly prohibited from:
    1. Writing on walls and furniture
    2. Tampering with official notices on notice boards.
    3. Littering the premises.
    4. Damaging the porperty.
  11. Students are advised not to bring large sums of money or other valuables to the college. They must be careful about their personal belongings and money. Though attempts are made to retrieve the lost property, the college will take no responsibility in this matter.
  12. Students are instructed not to give the college address for their personal correspondence. The college cannot take any responsibility for letters written to them. These will not be delivered personally.
  13. Students should park their vehicles(Two-wheelers) inside the college premises and in allotted places only. The college has limited parking space. The college will not provide parking for Cars and other four wheelers. Irrespective of parental income, it is advisable for the students to use public transport - it is safe and economical.
  14. Students should bring their identity cards to the college everyday.
  15. The college authorities may frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of a permanent and temporary character within or without the college precincts and rules necessary to maintain the reputation of the college.
  16. IIMC believes that self-discipline in the form of rules, is necessary for the smooth functioning of a reputed institution like ours. We, therefore, seek the cooperation of the student community and request them to consider these as necessities rather than penal laws.
  17. Every Student must write the midterm examinations and prefinal examinations without fail. Students who miss these examinatiosn without valid reasons will be penalised. The students who are absent for the examinations or who fail in several subjects in the term exams, may not be permitted to appear for the Annual Examination. The attendance records and in house exam marks will be perused before issue of Hall Tickets.
  18. Students should attend the classes in order to avoid payment of fine. If Candidates continue to abstain from classes in spite of several warnings, their names will be deleted from the rolls.
  19. Subject quiz and seminars will be conducted at least once in a month and all the students shall participate in these activities.
  20. Parents are advised to interact with the Faculty to know the progress of their wards at least once before the 1st term. They may contact the Principal, Head of Departments and Coordinator for Information regarding attendance, etc..
  21. The college is regitered under Jawahar Knowledge Center. The students aspiring for jobs are encouraged to register for JKC.
  22. Students who discontinue the course and seek TC
    Students planning to join the Course are advised to seek full information about the Course and think carefully about their aptitudes and capabilities to cope with the Course.

    If a student, after joining a Course in the College, wants to take TC and discontinue, the fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.Students seeking TC one month after reopening of the college will have to pay that year's fee.

  23. Such of those students who are determined to do articles for CA Course are advised not to join B.Com Courses as it is not possible to ride two horses simultaneously.
  24. Special Conditions exist in co-educational institution. The parents of Girls are in search of not only standard and reputed institutes but also supervision and safety of girl students. The Management pays special attention in this regard. It is not only academic excellence on the part of girls but also their sense of security which is given top priority.
  25. Boys and girls are encouraged to participate in all college activities aimed at curtailing emotional and mental inhabitations. Girls are provided separate room with toilet facilities.
  26. Various committees are constituted among faculty members to cater to the needs of the students
  27. The main gate of the college will be closed after 30 minutes of the commencement of first perod and it will be opened 30 minutes before the closure of the last period. During the college hours, students are not allowed to leave the campus.

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Code of Cobnduct
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