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Indian Institute of Manamement & Commerce

The Following scholarships have been announced by the Alumni Association of IIMC for the students of IIMC.

SI No. Scholarship Award For Whom Donor
1. I Year Sri Dharma Reddy Scholarship B.Com.(Hons.) Entrance Topper Mr.Ajay Reddy
2. II Year Late Smt.Usha B.Sanghani Scholarship B.Com.(Hons.)I Year Topper Mr.Atul B.Saghani
3. III Year Late Sri Vankamamidi Ramulu Scholarship B.Com.(Hons.) II Year Topper Mr.V.Ravi Kumar
4. Late Smt.Rukhmini Devi Award for Excellence B.Com.(Hons.) III Year Topper Mrs.Mangaish Rao & Mr.Subba Rao
5. Sri Ganji Rajamouli Gupta Scholarship B.Com.(Hons.) Topper Mr.G.Praveen Kumar
6. Seshachalam & Co., Award Topper in Financial Management.& Taxation (III Year) Mr. Bharadwaj
7. Compubrain Award Topper in extra-curricular activities Mr.Vikas Chitlangia
8. Mrs.P.R.Nappini Scholarship Academic excellence in economically weaker student category Mr.P.Prem Kumar
9. Sri Chinna Venkata Subbaiah Scholarship M.Com.(Previous) Topper Mr.Chinna Venkata Subbaiah
10. Late Smt.K.Seetharatnamma Late Sri Pampati Mallesham Scholarship M.Com.(Final) Topper Sri K.Santosh Kumar
Dr.P.Kishen & Bros
11. Late Kaladhar Scholarship Economically Backward Student D.B.Ramchander
K. Raghu Veer Reddy
12. Late Repaka Veeraiah Scholarship B.Com.(Comp.) Topper Vempati Madhu
13. Cheela Scholarship B.Com.(Comp.) III Topper Cheela Venugopal
14. Late Smt.P.Bala Laxmi Scholarship B.Com.(Comp.) II Topper K.Raghu Veer
15. Late D.K.Rao Scholarship B.Com.(Comp.) I Topper D.Naga Raj
16. Sukuki Gensys Scholarship B.Com.(Gen.) Topper Maj.Shiv Kiran
17. Badam Group Scholarship B.Com.(Gen.) III Topper Badam Balakrishna
18. Late Smt.T.Indira Devi Scholarship B.Com.(Gen.) II Topper T.Ravindranath
19. Late Mitta Narappa Scholarship B.Com.(Gen.) I Topper M.N.Subba Raju
20. Late Prof.C.Satyanaryana Scholarship B.Sc. II Topper Ramesh Chandra
21. Late Badam Venkataiah Scholarship B.Sc. I Topper Badam Rangaswamy
22. Misra Scholarship B.Sc. III Topper Manavendra Misra
23. Chandramouli Scholarship B.Sc. Topper Chandra Mouli
24. Pradeep Bhargav Scholarship Outstanding sportsman of the year Pradeep Bhargav
25. Uppalapati Papaiah Scholarship B.Sc Topper in Mathematics(I,II & III Years) U.Phani Krishna

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