# Name Designation Qualification
1. Sri K. Raghu Veer Principal M.Sc., B.Ed.
2. Dr. T.Naga Laxmi Vice-Principal(Academic) M.Com., M.B.A.,M.A.(Eco.), Ph.D., SET.
3. Mrs. S.Saritha Vice-Principal(Administration) M.Sc.(Maths)
4. Sri K.Anjaneyulu Head (UG & PG) M.Com., M.A.(Eco).,M.Phil.
5. Sri N.B.Vasant Kumar Faculty Member(PG) & Coordinator(Examinations) M.B.A., M.Com., NET, (Ph.D)
6. Mrs. K.Shailaja Faculty Member M.Com.,M.B.A.
7. Mrs. K.Naga Sireesha Faculty Member M.Com., SET.
8. Mrs. G.Satya Kiranmayee Faculty Member & Convenor-Commerce Lab M.Com., SET.
9. Mrs. K.Padmapriya Faculty Member M.Com.,M.B.A., SET., (Ph.D.)
10. Sri B.Amareshwar Rao Senior Faculty M.Com., M.Phil
11. Mrs. A.Sreevalli Faculty Member M.Com., B.Ed., NET, SET.
12. Dr.P.Venkateshwar Rao Senior Faculty M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
13. Sri C.N.Prasad Senior Faculty M.Com.,PGDFM.
14. Dr. S. Rajeshwar Rao Senior Faculty M.Com.,Ph.D.
15. Mrs. G. Ramya Sree Faculty Member M.Com., SET.
16. Sri . Uma Maheshwar Anand Faculty Member M.Com., M.B.A.
17. Mr. S.Shiva Kumar Faculty Member M.Com., M.S.W., B.Ed., SET., (Ph.D.)
18. Ms. S.Shravani Faculty Member M.Com.
19. Ms. Preethi Raj Jaiswal Faculty Member M.Com., M.B.A.
20. Mrs. C.R.L.Kalyani Head M.A.(Eng)., SET
21. Ms.Tanvi Jadav Faculty Member M.A.(Eng),M.A.(History)
22. Mrs. N.Karunasree Faculty Member M.A., B.Ed.
23. Mrs. M.Mamatha Faculty Member M.A.(Eng).
24. Sri K.Prasanth Kumar Head M.C.A., M.Sc., APSET, TSSET
25. Sri M.Satyanarayana Faculty Member M.C.A., M.Tech
26. Sri M.Vijay Faculty Member M.Sc(Computers)
27. Mr.Sandeep Agarwalla Faculty Member M.C.A., M.Tech.
28. Mr.K.R.Srinath Faculty Member M.C.A., M.Tech., SET , (Ph.D.)
29. Mr.B.Shyam Sunder Programmer/System Admin M.C.A.
30. Mr.P.Vasudevarayalu Programmer/System Admin M.C.A.
31. Sri K.Ravi Kiran Head-Dept. of Mathematics M.Sc.,B.Ed., SET.
32. Ms. Y.Shailaja Head M.Sc(Stat.).
33. Mr.U.Thirupathi Swamy Faculty Member M.Sc.(Applied Statistics)
34. Ms. B.Deepika Faculty Member M.Sc.(Applied Statistics)
35. Mrs G.Santoshi Head & Placement Officer M.B.A., SET., (Ph.D).
36. Mrs K.Swapna Faculty Member M.B.A., M.A.(Eng), M.Phil, NET, SET
37. Dr.K.Srikanth Faculty Member M.B.A., NET, Ph.D.
38. Sri T.Srinivas Faculty Member M.B.A., M.Com., M.Phil.
39. Dr.R.K.Jadhav Head & Lect. in Hindi M.A., Ph.D., LL.B
40. Dr.K.Nagavani Lect. in Telugu M.A., Ph.D.
41. Dr.Venna Mathur Lect. in IHC & SC M.A., Ph.D
42. Sri P.Gopala Krishna Lect. in Sanskrit M.A.(Sanskrit), NET, SLET., ,(Ph.D.), M.A.(Telugu), SET
43. Smt. Vijaya Laxmi Lect. in Sanskrit M.A.
44. Sri M.Phanendra Lect. in Physical Education M.P.Ed.
45. Mrs.G.RamaDevi Librarian M.Li.Sc., M.A.(Eco.), PGDLAN , SET
46. Sri N.Vijay Anand Goud Asst. Librarian M.Com.,M.Li.Sc.
47. Ms P.Lalitha Library Asst. M.Com., (C.Li.Sc.)

To counter the attrition policy of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, the college felt the need for the services of eminent professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants and Company Secretaries primarily to maintain the high standard of B.Com.(Hons.) course. Several alumni of IIMC have readily come forward to strengthen the hands of the administration through their academic services. Eminent professionals and Academicians from University and other Colleges are also invited to deliver guest lectures on a regular basis for M.Com and other courses. The College is also having the services of retired lecturers from Government and Aided Colleges to strengthen the Academic inputs.

  1. Sri.P.Purnachandra Rao, Former Principal, IIMC.
  2. Sri V.V.Ramana Murthy, Former Principal, IIMC.
  3. Prof.A.R.Aryasri, Director, School of Management Studies, JNTU, Hyd
  4. Prof.Patrik,Dept.of Commerce,O.U.
  5. Prof.A.Sudhakar,Registrar, B.R.Ambedkar Open University, Hyd
  6. Prof.Krishna Reddy, Chairman, Board of Studies, Dept.of Business Management, O.U.
  7. Prof.Prashant Atma, Dept.of Commerce, O.U.
  8. Prof.Krishna Kumar, Dept.of Commerce, O.U.
  9. Mrs. T.Suparna, M.Sc(Statistics)
  10. Dr.Ramana Rao, Director, ICON Institute of Management Studies
  11. Dr.Vasudeva Reddy, Former Principal, Vijaynagar College of Commerce
  12. Ms.Syamala, B.Com.(Hons.), A.C.S.(Alumni IIMC).
  13. Prof.Narendranath Menon, Dept of Business Management, OU
  14. Sri. Amitava Chowdary, M.Sc., Mphil.
  15. Sri. P.S.Narayana,B.Com.(Hons.),ACA.,ACS,Grad. AICWA.,(Alumnus IIMC)
  16. Sri Ravi Swaminathan, Chartered Accountant.
  17. Dr.P.S.Satyanarayana Murthy, IT Professional
  18. Dr.Appa Rao, Dept.of Commerce, O.U.
  19. Mr.Murali Krishna Murthi, CA
1. Sri.U.Vishwa Narayana Administrative Officer M.Com., PGDCA
2. Sri.K.Rajeshwar Senior Assistant M.Com., D.C.A.
3. Smt.B.Prashanthi Junior Assistant/Typist B.Com.
4. Sri G.Raghuma Reddy Junior Assistant B.Com.
5. Sri V.Anjaneyulu Administrative Assistant B.Com., M.A.
6. Sri Ch. Balrajaiah Administrative Assistant(Accounts) B.Com.
7. Mrs. Namitha Sharma Junior Assistant/Accountant M.Com., B.Ed.
Supporting Staff
1. Sri P.Raju 8. Smt. V.Radha
2. Smt.Yellamma 9. Smt. J.Laxmi
3. Smt.P.Radhika 10. Sri. M.Narayana
4. Smt.Anjamma 11. Sri Niranjan
5. Smt.B.Laxmi 12. Smt. T.Sunitha
6. Smt.Chandrakala 13. Sri M.Madhu Kumar
7. Smt.Beena 14. Smt. R.Indra