• Indian Institute of Management & Commerce continues to be one of the best colleges at the National level in the field of Commerce, Management, Computers, Mathematics and Statistics to serve the students of different backgrounds and abilities through effective teaching learning experience and to create professionals.
  • To unfold as a premier institution in creating and disseminating knowledge to build a better world.
  • The college intends to provide need-based, interest-based relevant educational programmes to the aspiring students, taking into consideration the changes in the global environment and to create a nurturing ground for intellectual innovation by contributing to the society in a dynamic environment.
  • To ensure teaching, training and academic growth from the integral components of our work ethics.

  • The college provides high-quality educational programmes and services that are academically and financially accessible and also to contribute to the society through the pursuit of education at the highest levels of academic excellence.
  • To inculcate ethical values and professional standards among the students in order to contribute effectively towards Nation building.
  • To help students embark on a journey of intellectual transformation through diverse background.
  • To undertake Curricular, Co-curricular, Extra-curricular activities and academic/ industry interface for the holistic development of students.