List of Online Quiz programmes conducted by IIMC in the month of May 2020.
  • Basic Computer Skills Quiz (15-May-2020)
  • Business Quiz (16-May-2020)
  • Marketing Quiz (17-May-2020)
  • Finance Quiz (18-May-2020)
  • Human Resource Management Quiz (19-May-2020)
  • Statistics Quiz (20-May-2020)
  • Test Your Language-English Quiz (21-May-2020)
  • Taxation Quiz (22-May-2020)
  • Basic Mathematics Quiz (23-May-2020)
  • Accounting Quiz (24-May-2020)
  • Business Law Quiz (25-May-2020)
  • Cost Accounting Quiz (26-May-2020)
  • Management Accounting Quiz (27-May-2020)
  • Business Economics Quiz (28-May-2020)
  • Start-ups Quiz (29-May-2020)
  • Research Methodology Quiz (30-May-2020)
  • Library & Information Science Quiz (31-May-2020)
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    Participants who secured 60% and above will receive E-Certificate through Gmail/Google Drive(Shared with me) option. First 100 participants will get E-Certificate instantly. The other participants will receive E-Certificate after processing.