Job Profile: Back Office Operations(Data Processing) - The job involves data processing transactions

Eligibility: B.Com./B.B.A./ B.Sc. Mathematics - Year of Passing 2024

Highest Qualification: Candidates should have completed the course in the stipulated course duration (i.e. No extended education - 3 years course should have been completed in the stipulated 3 years time only)

Backlogs: Only one backlog is permitted for the candidates from the 2024 year of passing, however all pending backlogs should be cleared within the stipulated course duration.

Gap: It is mandatory to declare gaps in education if any in the TCS Application Form. Overall academic gap should not exceed 24 months until highest qualification. Relevant document proof, as applicable, will be checked for gaps in education.

WORK TIMINGS: The role involves working in a 24x7 environment which requires working in rotational shifts, including night shifts.

Registration Process:

Step 1:Click on the below link to register.(Click on BPS during Registration Process)

Step 2: Fill the following Registration form with the same details given in the above registration process.

Note:Both the registrations are mandatory to complete the registration process.

Registration End Date: 1st April 2024(by 2.00 pm)

Online Test Date: Will be announced by TCS