While expanding the scope of Consumer Law, National Commission opened new doors. The Judgment said that imparting education falls within the ambit of service as defined under Consumer Protection Act, 1986,  as per the report. It was held that fees are paid for Services to be rendered by way of imparting education by Educational Institutions.

The most cited case is that of Bhupesh Khurana and Others vs Vishwa Budha Parishad (2001 JRC 240).

Grievance Redressal Cell/Committee [GRC] of the college keeping in mind of the above given definition  and also per the Guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission is trying redress the Grievances of the various Stake Holders in the College.

The Stakeholders in the Higher Education








The College/Institution adheres to University Grants Commission’s Grievance Redressal Regulations 2012 which defines GRIEVANCES as follows:

1.    Admission Process in totality including Reservation Policy.

2.    Publication/non-Publication of Prospectus.

3.    Discrimination of Students on the basis of Caste, Creed, Race and Gender.

4.    Untimely Conduct of Examination.

5.    Non-Declaration of Results

6.    Lack of Student Amenities

7.    Non-Payment of Scholarships/Fellowships

8.    Harassment/Victimization of students and Sexual Harassment cases etc.





1.    Principal – Mr. K. Raghuveer

3.    GRC Convenor – Sri.Sandeep Agarwalla, Dept.of Computers

4.    GRC Co-Convenor – Smt. Smt. G.Shushma,Dept.of Sanskrit

5.    NCC Coordinator – Mr. N. B. Vasanth kumar.

6.    NSS Coordinator – Mr. M.Satyanarayana

7.    Physical Education Director -  Mr. Kishan Goud

8.    Time Table Management Committee Convenor – Mr. K.Ravikiran, Head-Dept of Mathematics

9.    Staff Members:

·         Smt.K.Shailaja,Head,Dept.of Commerce

·         Sri E.Ramakrishna, Dept. of Telugu

·         Smt.K.Swapna, Dept. of Busi Admn.

·         Smt. Deepika, Dept. of Statistics


·         Harmonious and Conducive Academic atmosphere.

·         Timely Action on the Grievances expressed.

·         Confidentiality will be maintained

·         Fearless Expression of Grievances.

·         Restrain and Refrain students from inciting against each other,against Faculty Members and College Administration.

·         Cordial Student-Student and Student –Teacher Relationship


It is handled at 3 levels, namely

1.       At classroom level with the help of Class Mentors/teachers.

2.       At various Committees with the help of the Committee Conveners’ and Student Coordinators.

3.       Any unresolved grievances will be addressed to the GRC.


1.       The Grievance/Complaint must be addressed to the GRC in writing in the prescribed format

2.       The Grievance must be accompanied by Evidences and Proofs.

3.       The Grievances must be dropped in the Grievance/Complaint/Suggestion Boxes located at all conspicuous place in the College/Institution.

4.       The Prescribed Format will made available on the College Website so that students can Download it.

5.       The Prescribed Format will be made available at all important places of the College/institution, namely Library, Reading Room, Commerce Lab. Management Lab, Computer Lab, Administrative Offices, all the Department Heads of the Department

6.       In case the Student wants to maintain his/her anonymity, they can lodge their Grievances/Complaints/Suggestions through an email ( which shall be dedicated for the said purpose.

7.       On the receipt of Grievances/Complaints/Suggestions shall be referred to GRC to initiate further action; however the ultimate decision making authority is vested with the Principal of the College/Institution.

8.       The action initiated will informed to the Complainant and the Respondent in the written for and a Copy of it shall be maintained by the GRC for further perusal.

9.       Statistics of the Grievances/Complaints/Suggestions received, resolved and unresolved will also be maintained by the GRC for further perusal.

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